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PPC Campaign Management Service San Francisco


We offer full set-up end to end Ads campaign configuration services for best ROI.


We offer daily monitoring and fine tuning services for already set-up campaigns.


We review, recommend and implement factors for better conversions from campaign.

Google Paid Ads Campaign Management Services

Enjoy Best ROI

Get fast, flexible, and competitive Google ad management for your paid search campaigns.

How do you manage your Google paid ads account so that you can make sure your campaign is being run efficiently and at the highest level of performance? If you are just starting out with Google paid ads, we will get you to create a successful Google ad campaign from start to finish. Or if you are already running an ad campaign, we will help you optimize it for better ROI.

Google Ads Campaign Management is a tool that allows you to create and manage your Paid Ads campaign in the Google. You can view key metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversion rates, and all your campaign settings in just one place.

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Impressed with a website. I had a very professional looking blog. I am really very very Happy with it. If anyone is looking to create a new website or website design, I couldn’t recommend Altaf whole enough.

Scott Woodward, BookieRing

Working with Altaf is a beautiful experience. He hit me with his Professionalism, Courtesy and Competency. He is Fast and Reliable over the time.

Alessandro Fizzotti, Fizz Adv Production

I was surprised to know that they built our website in just couple of weeks time, with all the requirements in a true sense. Also, they got us on page 1 for couple of keywords in no time. I couldn’t thank them enough.


Awesome SEO work done by Altaf & his Team. The best thing about them is, their process is fully transparent – we know everything that is happening on our website.


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Google Paid Ads Campaign Set-up & Management Process

How we configure and get best ROI for you.

To ensure we can deliver hyper-targeted ads, we need to understand your product and audience needs first.
We’ll comb through the Internet and gather your most promising keywords. Determine what potential long tails might be attached to them. We help you figure out the right volume of traffic and value per click to drive maximum ROI. And finally, we get that KPIs are confusing. That’s why we’ll set them up to track the performance.
We’ll structure your campaign in a way that makes it easier to manage and scale.

A good place to start is with ad groups. Making separate groups makes it easy to keep your messaging laser-y sharp. We’ll take a look at your existing keywords and find out which ones are performing well, and why. And finally, we’ll make sure that your ads are running at the right time.

The point of this step is to write ads that are as close as possible to what your client wants, but that is still different enough from each other so that Google doesn’t think you’re spamming them. We’ll use the correct words in the ad copies that will attract users to click on your ads.

Don’t know what a click is worth? We’ll do the math and tell you.

We’ll make a few small tweaks to improve the score for each keyword to push your keyword to the top of the page on Google.

And negative keywords are useful to keep the AdWords ad from showing up on searches you have no interest in. So we’ll figure them out so that you don’t rank for them.

We know that landing pages are the foundation of your advertising efforts. You want to make sure that they are simple and effective, and that they help you achieve your goals (sales/lead generation).

Our team of experts is ready to develop a new landing page for you or update an existing one so it’s as efficient as possible.

We constantly monitor the campaign to see quality of clicks and conversions.

We’re data-driven to help you analyze and make sense of your KPIs so you can take action with confidence. Our service provides reporting on Cost per click (CPC), Click through rate (CTR), Conversions, and Cost per conversion/sale.

With Prowess, we constantly monitor for what works and what doesn’t, and then replicate the components that are working well. We’ll look for blockages in campaign and eliminate them by adding negative keyword terms (i.e., words like “free” or “cheap”) or change the keyword’s match type to suit the needs.

Once you’ve found the right keywords, we’ll test different ad copies, landing pages, and bid levels for best ROI!

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