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Google Analytics Consultant Ahmedabad

Custom Implementation

We can help you track custom data using Google Analytics on your website.

Tagging & Reporting

We can capture the key metrics and create a custom dashboard that is easy to understand.

UA to GA4 Transition

We can assist you in transitioning from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

Power of Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you to understand your customer’s behavior on your website. It’s a FREE tool that allows you to track how users interact with your website, including their journey on different pages. For example, which pages they visited, how much time they spent on each page, and whether or not they converted into prospects / customers. You can also see which marketing channels are driving traffic to your site.

By adding a simple javascript to your website you can get lots of standard data about your website’s visitors, like where they came from, where they landed, how long did they stay on each page and from where did they exit the website.

Also, if you wish to track advanced / custom data of your visitors then also you can do it, but it’s a little technical so it’s better to connect with a Google Analytics Consultant (like us) for the integration.

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I was surprised to know that they built our website in just couple of weeks time, with all the requirements in a true sense. Also, they got us on page 1 for couple of keywords in no time. I couldn’t thank them enough.


Working with Altaf is a beautiful experience. He hit me with his Professionalism, Courtesy and Competency. He is Fast and Reliable over the time.

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Awesome SEO work done by Altaf & his Team. The best thing about them is, their process is fully transparent – we know everything that is happening on our website.


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Why does a website need Google Analytics?

  • Google Analytics is a very powerful and free tool to understand visitors’ behavior on your website.
  • Get insights into how people use your website.
  • Understand where your traffic is coming from and how effective your marketing campaigns are.
  • Learn how to increase conversions with reports on funnel analysis and goal conversion rates.
  • Measure mobile performance by device type and location.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is a newly launched version of the Google Analytics tool which has some cool new features you’ll love. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • You can now create up to 10 custom dashboards with up to 20 different metrics and filters.
  • You can now create segmented views of your data based on any combination of your own user behavior.
  • You can use AdWords data to analyze the performance of your ads on your website.

Did you know that Google Universal Analytics will stop capturing data on July 1, 2023? That means you have to shift to Google Analytics 4 if you want to keep tracking your website’s analytics data.

Prowess can help you make the switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics seamlessly, so you can keep collecting the data you need.


Steps to follow to effectively listen your users

Google Analytics implementation is super easy, all you have to do is Sign up for Google Analytics by adding the required details and getting a tracking code. You will need to install this code on your website or mobile app to start tracking data. It is that easy!

You can easily set-up basic analytics by yourself but Google Analytics 4 has a lot more to offer. You can custom set-up so many events, dimensions, clicks, and whatnot.

If you need something more complex or custom, we can help with that. Our full-service approach allows us to provide a tailored solution.

We use only Google Tag Manager for implementation as it gives super flexibility and dependency.

Prowess uses Google Analytics Dashboard and Google Looker Studio for real-time custom analytics reports that help you understand complex data in a visible format.

If you wish to club data from different channels, Looker Studio allows us to fetch data from different channels and comprehend them in a single report. We can build custom reports and dashboards on the fly, which means you can have the data available exactly how you want and when you want, and in whatever visual format that works best for you.

We don’t just set up an account and tracking for you and leave you to figure out how it works on your own.

We will share visually appealing reports with you but at the same time, we will also assess them against the pen-downed KPI. We’ll share our understanding and recommendations with you with a plan of action.

After all, we believe only together we can succeed.

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